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Addressing Crypto and blockchain Compliance Challenges


We facilitate collaboration globally among stakeholders committed to better understanding the compliance complexities associated with rapidly evolving distributed ledger technologies, and to proactively seeking solutions that will enable society to realize the benefits of the transformational technology.

The Consortium provides an essential global forum for participants with relevant experience and expertise who are committed to addressing the compliance challenges arising out of the complexities of evolving distributed ledger technologies in the context of their professional responsibilities.

  • The challenges of rapid evolution, its expanding deployment, and the pace of adaptation demand a dynamic forum for proactive discussions, quick dissemination of information, consideration of a variety of perspectives and exploration of potential resolutions.
  • Members are encouraged to collaborate in addressing these challenges, bridging information gaps and anticipating the potential impact of future innovations.


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The Consortium is an outgrowth of the annual Crypto and Blockchain Summit at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime (CIDOEC). The 5th annual Crypto Summit was recently held at CIDOEC’s 40th annual Symposium at Cambridge University, UK. The Crypto Summit explores critical compliance-related issues associated with blockchain based technologies and a variety of crypto assets, especially in the context of economic crimes.

At  the request of a number of the Crypto Summit participants, the Cambridge Crypto Compliance Consortium has been established to focus specifically on the unique needs of this compliance community in addressing the ever-expanding challenges presented by distributed ledger technologies, including those associated with different types of crypto assets such as security tokens, stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and NFTs, and their wide use in payments, DeFi, TradFi, GameFi, and more.

The Consortium answers the call from participants in the Crypto Summit to extend the collaboration on these important topics in an ongoing global forum.

“The challenges of rapid evolution of the technology and the pace of criminal adaptation to the changes demand a dynamic forum for proactive discussions, quick dissemination of information, consideration of a variety of perspectives and exploration of potential resolutions/strategies.”

“There is a pressing need for greater continuity in the discussion of critical compliance related issues and the exploration of potential solutions in this area.”


We are a membership organization whose individual and corporate members engage in conversation and put knowledge into action. The Consortium brings critical thinkers from around the world with the depth of expertise and experience required to deal with the challenges of balancing the benefits of tech with the ability of criminals to abuse it. Members have an array of relevant practical experience and expertise, drawing together the widest possible variety of experts from a range of disciplines and organizations to consider the complexities and future implications of the intersection of AML and Sanctions compliance with crypto technology across the world.

Sectors and Representatives

The Consortium will have representation across various sectors, including:

Crypto / Blockchain Ecosystem


Traditional Financial Services



Professional Services

Consortium Membership will include representation across a variety of professions: Compliance, developers and engineers, current and former government representatives, public policy and government relations, academics and crypto-focused lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional advisors.


The Consortium is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, private sector executives (both for profit and not for profit), educators and other interested parties. We will support reasoned dialogue but take no institutional position and will not serve as an advocacy organization.

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The Consortium maintains its independence through diverse funding sources

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