We are a membership organization whose individual, government, and corporate members engage in conversation and put knowledge into action.

The Consortium Membership is by invitation only but it will consider requests for membership. Membership approval will be based on criteria to be developed to ensure that appropriate expertise is available to address the pressing issues.

Membership Programs

Membership Programs will be developed, reflecting various sectors such as Corporate, Government, Individual and Nonprofit.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits specific to Member Programs are under development. This may include such things as event attendance and customized access and affinity pricing for selected technology solutions that deliver operational efficiencies, informational advantages and/or security protocols.  In general, Members will realize value from the ability to connect through the Consortium to other professionals, as follows:

  • Having a sense of where challenges will be (near, med and long term) so that members can position their companies to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk exposures.
  • Sounding board for members to surface and seek collaborative input on challenges.
  • For strategic compliance professionals, a forum to advance thinking and potentially identify best practices within a rapidly shifting technology landscape by engaging directly with technology and data providers.
  • Once an issue has arisen, have a collaborative environment in which to discuss the compliance challenges and potential resolutions. A trusted clearinghouse for exploring rapidly developing technologies, regulatory paradigms, and industry best practices.
  • Serving as a public forum to accelerate understanding by non-technical audiences (including retail cryptocurrency users) regarding technologies, regulatory requirements, and security protections that impact daily use cases.


The Consortium membership will consist of professionals from across the compliance, crypto and blockchain ecosphere, such as:   

  • Compliance professionals- AML, Sanctions, data security
  • Developers and engineers
  • Current and former government officials, including lawmakers and regulators
  • Current and former law enforcement including prosecutors, investigators and analysts
  • Public policy and government relations professionals
  • Influential academics including such institutions as Harvard, MIT, Tsinghua University, NYU
  • Leading crypto-focused lawyers, consultants and other advisors

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